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EXCLUSIVE! If "relatable human" were a mood board, at its center would be a giant picture of Jenna Raine. The singer-songwriter, 19, held back nothing about the bestie breakups, "right place, wrong time" crushes and personal realizations that inspired the songs on her ultra-vulnerable EP Big Dumb Heart, Chapter 1 (and Chapter 2 releasing in August!). 


Your fall fashion moment has arrived
Layers, prints, accessories, oh my! This year's motto = Be anything *but* boring.

Lazy girl hair (for those snooze button kind of mornings)
Hello fall's hottest hair bling (barrettes! pins! scrunchies! clips! headbands!)...goodbye bedhead days. 

Your back-to-school mantra: Say it, manifest it
Maybe it's scoring A's, making the team or being more outgoing. Whatever it is, set the intention—because this is the year you're actually going to go for it. 

Bye, beige flags: Signs your 'ship is here to stay
You've made it out of the talking stage but how do you know the relationship is the real deal? Ten not-so-tiny signs you and bae are meant to be.

We packed your bag (and it's adorable)
Let your color analysis curate your school supplies. Just discover if you're a Summer, Fall, Winter or Spring (find out here) and we'll handle the rest. 

GRWGL (Get Ready With Girls' Life): First week of school edition
Mondays are for a red lip, Tuesdays are for blush and Fridays are for...a smoky blue halo eye? Take your ~lewk~ to A+ status with our step-by-step morning routine, customized to each day's vibe.

Barbie Dreamhouse, but make it your bedroom
Plastic-inspired statement pieces, curated color combos and an emphasis on fun: Yes, Barbie *can* inspire your next room makeover. Get in, GF, bc this dolled-up DIY adventure is...everything.

Glowy skin before the bell rings = entirely possible 
PSA: Start 30 days before your first day of school—then follow our simple countdown to a clearer complexion.

Struggling with anxiety? Read this 
You heard it here first: Stress management is the new self-care. So here's how to stare your worries in the face—and finally make them work for you.

Quiz! Is your crush crushing back?
It seems like they're into you...or are they just being nice? Or do they actually harbor heart eyes for your BFF instead? There's only one way to find out (with this quiz, ofc). 

Glasses girlies! We did your makeup for you (you're welcome) 
You're going to want to bookmark Tip #3. Plus, the cutest frames for fall. 

Get organized—your way
Yes, you can be set for success this school year...even if you're not the type who hearts color-coding her folders. Chaotic girls, gather round: Time to get tidy.

This Y2K-themed slumber party is what dreams are made of 
Text the group chat rn because you're throwing the bash of the year (2000, that is). 

Mercury retrograde just became your new superpower 
Sooo there are three (!) retrogrades happening this season. But you can take advantage of this transformative time to figure out who you are and what you stand for. Ready for it? 

Everything you need to watch, read and listen to this back-to-school season...
Julia Lester spills the tea on the final season of High School Musical: The Musical: The Series (premiering on Disney+ Aug. 9), her adorbs relationship with GF Ilana (hint: Julia's HSM character Ashlyn plays a part in their love story) *and* how she discovered that she's low-key a little bit psychic. PLUS: The prettiest pens to annotate your back-to-school books—and a page-turning reading list to match.


✏️ The smartest study advice (that you never thought of before) 
Your summer HW? Take this quiz to find your learning style (psst: no wrong answers) then work with your brain to ace your classes.

🍱 School lunch, solved 
Healthy! Easy! Aesthetic! Yup, it's very much time to take your midday meal to a 10. 

✨ Hey, you! Stop holding yourself back 
Doubt got you down? Not anymore. These tiny mindset swaps will get you reaching your goals like never before. 

πŸ’” Let's address why you're stuck in a situationship...
It might just be your attachment style. Read up on this theory to find out why you do what you do when it comes to crushing.

🏫 Quiz! What fictional school does your true soul belong at?
Personally, we're a Nevermore Academy moon with an East High rising. 

🩺 You need to discuss *this* with your doctor 
Got a BTS physical on the cal? Bring these Q's along for a stress-free appointment.

+ Dear Carol on body image, social media envy and finding new friends 
+ "How I fell in love with running" One athlete's story (plus, how to get started) 
+ Inspiring quotes you *need* to hear before the year begins 
+ All the hilariously awkward first day of school moments 
+ Tons of fun, games and freebies 
...and so much more!


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Image Credits:

August/September 2023 Cover (Jenna Raine) and Fall Fashion: Photographed by Mike Azria. Styled by Lo VonRumpf. Hair by George Fragkioudakis. Makeup by Sophia Hutch. 

Hair: Mantra: Beige Flags: Packed Your Bag: GRWGL: @quinnstrange via Barbie: Glowy: Crush: Glasses: Organized: Party: Retrograde: Julia Lester: Carell Augustus/Disney.


by GL | 7/28/2023