Eat Right

The dish on the new food plate

Looking for something healthy to eat, but unsure what’s best? The government’s got a new food plate to help ya figure it out.
The overall idea is to eat plenty of fruits and veggies. These two critical food groups cover half the plate. On the other side is grains and protein, all sitting next to a glass marked “dairy.”
The original pyramid, which was used for two decades, and the revised pyramid (released in 2005) were complicated and sometimes misleading.  They implied that there was no difference between healthy foods, like whole grains and lean meats, and unhealthy foods, like bacon and potato bread.

The new food plate highlights the importance of portion size as well the best choices in each food group.  Smaller portions, healthier foods, and exercise are all key ingredients to a balanced diet and lifestyle.  What do you say, girlies? Want to join the movement to a healthier life? Check out the new website for additional information.
So what do you think? Does this food plate help you understand what your diet should look like?


by Jessica Wiggs | 2/1/2016