Get your workout on with these 7 fitness apps

With the school year approaching, it's important to remember to stay active—even when your sched gets super slammed. In fact, a boost of endorphins can even help you deal with built-up stress from that tough math test last week. Want to work out but not really sure how to get started? These apps will make finding the time both easy and fun.  

Zombie Run
Add some extra excitement to your morning run with Zombie Run. This app recreates sounds of zombies chasing you and your goal is keep running to avoid getting caught. It's an awesome way to keep you moving especially when you don't feel like running. Make sure you run fast before you get attacked!

Nike Training Club
For the girl on the go, Nike Training Club is an awesome way to track your fitness progress, especially if you like to run. Adjust the settings for your treadmill or for a jog around the neighborhood. The app will track your mileage and even your pace. Looking for some extra accountability? It also has built-in, multi-week fitness plans.

Based on your daily workouts and eating choices, this app makes suggestions for improvements. So whether your goal is to gain muscle before track season starts, or just start taking better care of yourself, Lifesum is a great tool to help you develop healthier habits.

Meet others as you work towards your goals with Fitocracy (it's almost like social media for people who love fitness). You can comment and make suggestions on the workouts of others as well as get tips from real people about your own workouts. This app also has a variation of built-in exercise ideas and a point system to keep you motivated. The more you work out and interact, the more points you get.

30 Day Fitness Challenges 
Want to workout but don't know how to get started? Use this 30 day fitness challenges app to get your motivated. You pick levels based on how skilled you are and then choose which body part you're looking to work for 30 days from your abs to your arms. These workouts can easily be done in the comfort of your bedroom so before you go to bed each night, knock out another day in your challenge. Can you last all 30?

7 Minute Workout for Women
Dont have much time to workout? No problem! Achieve your fitness goals by working out just 7 minutes a day. This app is great for beginners, by providing visuals for how to do each workout. You can get your fitness on anytime, anywhere. 

Yoga Workout Meditation and Fitness Plan
Yoga is an amazing and relaxing way to stay in shape because it recognizes the importance of taking care of your body as well as your mind. After a long week at school or even a hard workout in the gym, relax and unwind through this beginner friendly yoga app. With how-to videos as well as fitness plans, you'll be a yoga expert in no time. 

Let us know what apps you use to stay fit in the comments below!

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by Sydney Haywood | 8/14/2017